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Testimonials from Our Valued Customers


“Love your products and admire your drive and initiative to start up a new business on Rota. Puts Rota on the world map. We have both a large jar of Rota Red Hot Ground Hot Chili Peppers and Hot Chili Sauce stocked in my refrigeration at all times.” - Walter, Guam

"I love your peppers so much!"Sharon Jones, Colorado

"Pacific Red Hot, Ground Chili Peppers have soooo much flavor! We have been a customer for years and use it for our very popular, Pacific Red Hot beef jerky. Thank you, thank you!" - Jeff Richards, CEO, Jeff's Famous Jerky, www.JeffsFamousJerky.com

“Everyone loves my Guam cucumbers! Thank you Pacific Red Hot Peppers!” - Jennie Garris, Kimos Hawaiian Food

"I am writing to let you know how AMAZINGLY FABULOUS your product is. I am fan for life." - Diane, California

"The only thing that makes our food taste better is a pinch of your peppers." - Soldier from IRAQ

"Pacific red hot products are amazing! We use them for our chicken, octopus, shrimp, salmon & steak kelaguens & also our famous chicken Empanadas. We also use it for our finedene - customers request it so much that around Thanksgiving & Christmas I order teaser sizes to sell to our customers. It’s an amazing product! I’m glad we are able to bring something from our island 🌴" - The Mesa family (Keepin’ It Island) Vallejo, California

"The taste was perfect and moved me." - Tomokazu, Japan

"I absolutely love your Pacific Red Hot Ground Hot Chili Peppers and used the jar rather quickly." - Justin, Las Vegas

"I ran out of it and not been able to find anything compared to your product." - Moxley, Texas

"My husband and I love it and use it in almost everything we cook, I can't really eat without your hot peppers." - Marie, Minnesota

"I happened to taste it from my friend's house and I must say it is the best." - Kayla, Wisconsin

"We definitely will continue to be your number 1 customer throughout the future." - Bren, Washington State

"I really like your Pacific Red Hot Peppers and would like to share it with my friends." - Stan, Mississippi

"I am selling your peppers just like pancakes at our club meetings." - Arana, Hawaii

"We have it in our teacher's lunchroom and we like it very much." - Kyoko, Japan

“I love this stuff” - James, West Virginia

“Amazing delicious! Sometimes it is difficult to find spicy things here in Hawaii, but with Guam being in proximity we have Pacific Red Hot Peppers from Rota to help us enjoy our food so much better.” - Yan, Hawaii